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We are a Firm that listens; understands your business and industry; quickly responds to your communications and keeps you informed; provides clear, direct and practical legal advice and counsel; asks appropriate questions; clearly explains the relevant aspects of your case; checks egos at the door; empathizes and respects your business, professional and personal life; maintains a laser focus on your unique legal needs; and practices law with passion.

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First and foremost, our Firm helps business, professional and real estate clients negotiate and close deals, solve business or legal problems and interface with local, state or federal regulatory agencies.  For our private consumer clients, we help manage and protect your business interests, provide succession planning for your company or professional organization, provide estate planning and wealth management advice with the goal of maximizing the value of your personal assets, and when necessary, help you resolve business, family law or personal disputes through private mediation or the judicial system.

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Commercial Leases:  California Modifies Disclosure Requirements for Disability Access Laws (Effective January 1, 2017) California’s 2013 update to Civil Code Section 1938 requires all commercial property leases to disclose whether or not commercial premises have undergone an inspection by a Certified Access Specialist (CASp), and if so, whether the premises have been determined to meet all applicable construction-related accessibility standards under California law. On September 16, 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 2093. This bill amends Section 1938 to impose additional disclosure requirements on commercial property owners and lessors. Under the revised statute, a commercial lease effective on or after January 1, 2017, must now disclose not only whether the premises have undergone a CASp inspection (and the results, if any), but also certain additional obligations.

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Michael J. Maloney


 Our Firm offers custom tailored legal services, to foreign investors, interested in acquiring, developing, building, managing or selling investment grade properties in the United States. In recent years, foreign investors have intensified their efforts to acquire prime property in the United States. These intensified efforts are due, in part, to the relative security associated with doing business in the United States and, in part, to the high return potential associated with well-located U.S. properties. Typically, United States real estate exhibits the following characteristics: numerous investment opportunities, priced attractively, particularly when compared to real estate in other countries; an organized and efficient real estate market which functions according to relatively predictable processes; the general availability of long-term fully amortized non-recourse mortgage financing at relatively low interest rates when compared to other countries; and the consistent ability of well-located properties to increase in value at rates which may often exceed the rate of inflation. If you are considering investing in real estate in the United States, please contact us.


Our Firm believes in long-term client partnerships, and we strive to earn your trust in order to create an enduring business relationship. This approach enables us to get to know your business, profession or personal situation which, in turn, enables us to tailor our legal services to your specific legal needs.


We know you expect your attorney to know the law and understand how to apply it to your factual situation whether it involves forming a business, drafting an LLC operating agreement or corporate shareholders’ agreement, business or real estate contract, lease agreement, securing a building permit or other public approvals, drafting your will or trust, or resolving a dispute. For us, that is just the beginning. We also strive to produce the best possible legal product your money can buy and produce it in a timely manner at a reasonable cost. How do we do it, we have years of experience and legal knowledge in our practice areas. We stay current on the law. We employ state of the art technology in all that we do, and we operate using a low overhead business model. Let us go to work for you.


We work as a team with leading consultants whenever and wherever needed to provide our
clients with the highest quality advice and legal services possible.

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